Go My Way

I may have lost it all,
but now I have heard truth's call,
it may not be easy,
but the alternative to this makes me feel queasy.

So please see, with your third eye if need be,
that the only option I have is to be me,
Going my own way—
So please take a deep breath and count to three.

Because I know you hate to hear it,
and what I'm about to do; you fear it,
the shit I'm about to do is drastic,
but please—don't get spastic.

I've looked at the game and have decided to walk away,
I've concluded; the only way to win—
Is not to play.
Vote with my feet; I'll walk my way.

You've claimed to have seen the product, but all I see is an empty shelf.
Those shysters among us, their mode is in stealth.
So now that you've seen it like me;
do us both a favor—and leave it be.