Hello! and welcome to the website of writer, armchair philosopher, occasional poet, and self-proclaimed iconoclast Dallas Marshall!

So, it is usually not the most comfortable thing for me in regards to filling out these about me sections because the nagging question of "Where do I begin?"

Well, I was born in a mythical land called San Francisco; where only hippies, gays, and the financially well-off can go. Think Narnia, but significantly less Christian, and with no Jesus-lions roaming about.
My early life was not an easy one. My dad played the old hit-and-run like a womb version of Grand Theft Auto, so my mom was left to take care of two little rapscallions; my sister and me.

We grew up in some pretty rough neighborhoods. However, we had our gifts. We were both introspective little weirdos with some high IQ and a penchant for our creative outlets. My sister, an artist of the drawing and painting variety. And myself, a writer of sorts. I wrote a lot of crappy fan fiction of my favorite television shows as a kid (I was only ten, so sue me!) but that crappy writing evolved rather quickly to some competent poetry and short stories.

Fast forward to twenty years later, because I do not want to bore you with every little detail (we all have internet porn to watch, after all). So here I am! Here you will find my short stories, poems, some essays, and info on my upcoming books.

All are coming soon! Since patience is a virtue, I ask that not only do you regularly check on my updates, but do not contact me bitching and moaning about "When are you going to release this?" or "You take too long!"
Try to create your website, and maybe productivity will help the malaise of waiting for someone else to build something!

Also, have questions? Comments? Nudes? Hate mail? Head over to my contact page and drop me a line. Don't be a stranger!